A home is something that everyone should have and feel safe in.

Wanting to support those that do not have somewhere they can call home, the team at MMP have tried to do their bit over the past 12 months to further the great work 'The Passage' does to address homelessness in London Victoria and the surrounding areas.

Seeking to ensure the poorest in our society are treated with the dignity and respect that each of us should be entitled to, The Passage charity offers a combination of immediate and longer term solutions to equip those vulnerable with the resources they need to help them to turn their lives around.

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Located close to the MMP offices in London Victoria, the 42-year-old charity began with a single paid employee and a handful of volunteers. It is now the UK's largest centre for those facing vulnerable housing situations. Having first visited with his mother as a child; His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, has been a patron of the charity since 2019.

To start our year of support for our chosen charity, each member of the MMP team entered The Passage's annual gardening competition, making a financial donation for their entry. With the competition categories including best indoor garden, window box and community garden, there was an opportunity even for team members who had no outdoor greenspace of their own to compete. Judged by Gardener's World presenters, several MMP employees proved they had green fingers by winning in their respective categories of the competition along with raising funds for the charity.

A few months later, our friends and family generously, sponsored us as we embarked on a 10k hike through the pleasant (but hilly) British countryside. Though the distance covered admittedly wasn't especially demanding, the day was made that much more challenging by us having chosen to complete the walk on a pretty damp day! The team raised £972 for the charity, so it was well worth the effort and a rewarding experience.

As we felt the chill of winter draw in, the team opted to donate items of clothing to The Passage to help more people stay warm and dry during the colder months. Hauling all the bags filled with the clothes to the charity's head office in London, it also served as an opportunity to catch up with colleagues in person - something we all no longer take for granted.

Our year of supporting The Passage culminated in the whole MMP team spending a day volunteering at the charity's head office earlier this month. Like so many of us, the charity's staff have been deeply moved by the plight of the Ukrainian people and had booked a truck to transport a portion of the dried food goods they receive from local supermarkets and the general public. Our task was to sift through and organise the crates of assorted tins and bags of pasta into date order. With a store room full of these crates, we were not expected to have sufficient time to organise all of the food but the enthusiasm to get stuck in and work together saw the team complete the task.

Should you wish to support us in our endeavours for that day, by making your own contribution to the good work the charity does both for the homeless here in the UK and Ukraine you can do so at the link below.

The MMP team choose a charity to support each year , which includes having quarterly fund-raising events for our chosen non-profit organisation. This is a feature of life at MMP that we are pleased to maintain.

With the end of the our financial year close at hand, we will be choosing a new charity to support in the next 12 months. We will be announcing who the team have chosen in the coming month.

If you would like to offer your own support for The Passage, please follow the link button

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Written by David Marshall & Alexis Marz

David and Alexis are the founding Directors of MMP Tax.

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