With the help of clients and other R&D tax claimants, MMP has responded to the Government's consultation on the R&D Tax Relief incentive.

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The R&D Tax Reliefs consultation looked at:

  • Definitions, eligibility and scope of the reliefs
  • How well the reliefs operate for businesses and how they could be improved
  • Targeting of reliefs

Alexis Marz, co-founder of MMP commented, "The R&D tax scheme has grown from a niche tax incentive focused on innovative SMEs to an extremely complex, multi tiered scheme benefiting more than 62,000 businesses annually.

“We welcome this consultation and applaud the government's goals of ensuring the most effective targeting of the support and that the most beneficial costs and activities are being supported”
David Marshall & Alexis Marz - Co-founders, MMP Tax

MMP strongly supports the R&D Tax Relief scheme as a powerful driver in developing and inspiring innovation and believes in helping deserving claimants access this valuable incentive.

Download MMP's full response to the consultation

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Written by David Marshall & Alexis Marz

David and Alexis are the founding Directors of MMP Tax.

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