R&D Tax Relief (R&DTR)

Research & Development Tax Relief or Research & Development Tax Credits for SMEs

Research and Development Tax Relief or Tax Credits have been available since 2000 for SMEs. They were introduced by Government, bringing the UK in line with many other OECD countries, to encourage IP development and research in the UK

This generous incentive provides tax relief of up to 24.7% of the eligible expenditure identified and approved by HMRC for tax paying SMEs and a cash payment of up to 33.35% of the eligible expenditure identified and approved by HMRC for loss making SMEs.

Market awareness of R&D Tax Relief incentives is high but there are now so many firms offering, or in some cases ‘selling’ this service from small accountancy firms through to the Big 4 firms – how do you make the right choice with whom you choose to work, or indeed whether to decide to do the work yourself with perhaps an external “review”?

From start-ups to the FTSE100, MMP has seen it all

We are committed to providing excellent service, doing all the heavy lifting, delivering robust claims in the shortest timeframe possible.

Getting best value from an R&D Tax Relief claim

If you are considering a first claim or already working with an external provider to assist you, you should look at how to get the best value from the process and ask the following questions.

  • Will they be quick efficient, managing claims without fuss, getting you your entitled refund without delay?
  • Are they a real expert in the field – what proofs are there to support this?
  • Will they do all the work required, or will you find yourself doing most of the work, getting no real value from the provider?
  • Do they understand the daily challenges and demands of running a small or medium sized business?
  • How easy and flexible are they to work with?
  • If you already work with another provider do you feel you get value from their work and the relationship?

MMP has a wealth of experience in claiming complex technology tax reliefs and would be delighted to discuss any aspect of the scheme with you.

Robust and thorough

Our technology consultants are all highly qualified engineers and scientists so they share an understanding and passion for technology. This ensures we can get the best from your team, saving you valuable time in making a full and accurate claim

We create a comprehensive report to submit to HMRC. We take the time to be really thorough, getting to know your company, the technology and your needs.

All costs are forensically analysed and a project based approach is used to identify the eligible costs related to each area of R&D activity.

Fundamental to a robust claim is MMP’s deep understanding of eligible activities and eligible expenditure. Our experts have years of experience in this specialised field, so we are able to interpret the legislation in accordance with HMRC’s intent, minimising the risk of enquiries whilst ensuring all eligible activities are identified.

R&D Tax Credits and MMP

Making life easier for our clients is a theme that runs through everything we do. For more than a decade, the team has worked with a wide range of clients in many industry sectors and we tailor our approach for each and every one. This more personal and individual approach means our clients can rely on us to remove any difficulties in compiling a claim, providing the highest level of accuracy, adding value to every aspect of the work and project managing the whole process.

We are passionate about our work. High quality service delivery is essential, as is being available when a question might pop up. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you; we factor this into all our communications with you and your team.

Whether you are already claiming R&D Tax Relief, not sure where to start or not sure you’re getting the best value from your existing approach, Contact us now to discuss how we work with a wide variety of innovative businesses across the UK.

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