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Most technology based SME's have a desire to protect their intellectual property but face the challenge of funding that protection. The introduction of the Patent Box incentive can be an important financial factor in encouraging Patent activity. Many large businesses have extensive Patent estates that require detailed analysis and mapping to revenues and it takes a specialist firm who can understand how that Patent estate will affect their technology tax picture. And many smaller companies need to be thinking of Patents as an overall part of their IP planning, of which Patent Box may play a part.

Patent strategies are often mentioned as a part of an overall technology tax discussion, however while we can advise on tax aspects, we do not undertake work that a Patent Attorney can carry out so look for like-minded firms who understand how beneficial Patent Box can be as part of an overall IP strategy and want to work with a specialist firm to add value to their clients.

Patent Attorneys work with MMP

To assist their clients with the tax benefits of Patent Box

Working with MMP

Patent Box can be an important financial benefit to encourage Patent activity. MMP have the specialist skills to overcome the challenges clients face in understanding how their IP strategy impacts their tax position Your clients will get the same high level of client service and passion as our own direct clients from first meeting to engagement to approval of their Patent Box claim and feedback and we keep you informed every step of the way so you feel part of the service delivery to the client

We offer a number of different commercial models and services for working with Patent Attorneys and their firms and will be happy to outline these schemes to find the appropriate way of working with you and your clients. This ensures that your clients get the best service and value from a claim and you continue to be a trusted advisor.

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