We don't do any accounting, audit or general corporate or personal tax work. We don't make Patent applications. We are not investors. We leave that to you, the experts in the field and trusted advisors to your clients. We focus entirely on technology tax incentives. Think of us as the specialists you can reliably refer work to and who will protect your brand or investments by providing a first class expert service and keep you informed every step of the way so you feel part of the delivery to the client.

Working together for your clients

All of us have areas of specialism where we refer our clients to another firm in our network to help them. This can be pensions, investments, tax, planning, accountancy, Patent applications etc. We do this to retain our client, add value to our relationship with them and in doing so, continue to be their trusted advisor.

Tax is a complex field, rules change, calculations alter; it's tough to keep up. Add to this the need to have a deep understanding of technology and the complexity of the government technology tax incentives and what seems easy at first sight may become a minefield.

Read more about how we can assist your clients and investments with their technology tax picture by following the links below.

Partner with MMP

We keep you informed every step of the way so you feel part of the delivery to the client.


Deliver added value your clients by partnering with MMP for R&D Tax Relief, RDEC, Video Games Tax Relief, Animation Relief and Patent Box.



Partner with MMP Tax to ensure your portfolio companies are getting real value from their R&D efforts and can focus on growth and delivery.


Patent Attorneys

Partner with MMP Tax to ensure your clients are maximising the benefit from their IP strategy and Patent applications.


Trade Bodies

Partner with MMP tax to provide your members and tenant businesses with a highly experienced knowledgeable and independent UK wide resource.