We start with interviews with your team, to get all the information we need.

A senior member of the team is always involved. We’ll ask the most important and relevant questions that encourage the best responses.

By speaking to several members of your technology and finance departments, we’ll have a better understanding of your internal processes and the people behind the projects

We’re experts at writing up complex technologies, and at preparing financial calculations.

Information gained from discussions with your team is restructured with a clear format, in a language HMRC understands.

We follow HMRC guidelines, emphasising how you meet the relevant requirements for the specific tax incentive being claimed.


From the cost data and the project information, we work out the claim calculation.

We’ll also give you advice on improving future claims, and on other tax incentives you could be entitled to.


Once we have everything we need, our team will put together a comprehensive report.

This is structured to HMRC’s preferences, ready for your review and approval.


We’ll review the report in-house one more time, after putting in any requested changes, before submission to HMRC.

We work directly with them to minimise queries and delays, ensuring your claim is processed and approved quickly.

What next?

No idea where to start? Not sure you're getting the best value from your existing approach? If you’ve never considered making a technology tax claim before, or aren’t sure when to review your options

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