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Who does a start-up or early in-flight business turn to when looking to claim technology tax reliefs? It may be their accounting partner, or they may choose to do it themselves. They will also be approached by numerous third parties with varying degrees of expertise and experience. As trusted advisors to your clients, there is an expectation that you can provide guidance for the growth and development of the business, but who would you recommend for assisting your portfolio companies?

Many Accounting practices and numerous micro firms, who have sprung up to service this market, lack the depth of experience, judgement and expertise to really provide value to the client in making R&D Tax Relief claims. The value of the claim is of course important in the growth stage of a business but claims that lack depth in the technical write up or financial analysis provide little value in the long run and this is compounded as the company, its structure and R&D spend grows and management have less time to focus on generating their own claims or providing the necessary level of detail to a third party.

If your portfolio businesses either submit claims themselves or have to do much of the work themselves to determine why and how much of each project are eligible and then write up their own technical summaries, then you should speak to us.

The starting point for R&D Tax Relief and the other technology tax incentives should always be the ability to understand and articulate the client's technology. MMP's qualified scientists and engineers do this every day; It is all we do. We don't do any other tax or accounting work. Combined with a deep understanding of the rules and guidance of the technology tax relief schemes, our people can ensure claims are robust, accurate and most importantly hassle free for your portfolio businesses. We manage the whole project, reducing the workload for your client and allowing you them to focus on managing the growth of the business.

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Working with MMP

MMP already work with many investors to assist their portfolio with technology tax reliefs. Your clients will get the same high level of client service and passion as our own direct clients from first meeting to engagement to approval and feedback and we keep you informed every step of the way so you feel part of the service delivery to the client.

Of course, if you introduce us to your portfolio companies, we will acknowledge that with a reduction in our standard fees and we will be happy to outline these benefits to ensure the business gets a great deal for the work, we deliver great value to them and as an investor you are happy that your portfolio businesses get the best service and value from an R&D or other technology tax relief claim.

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